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The Control and Prevention of Fleas and Ticks in Yards

Do any of your pets scratch their bodies like their life depends on it? Have you seen them frolicking around only to stop to claw their ears and body? If so, they may have fleas on them. Fleas and ticks are common external parasites that feed on our pets’ blood and live under their fur.

Vacationing with Your Pets? Here’s How You Can Enjoy

Leaving your pets behind at home while going on a vacation is always not a good experience. So why not bring them along on your next road-trip or a short vacation? But, bringing a pet along on vacation isn’t an easy task. You need to pay attention to their needs, which requires extra planning and

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Dogs and Backyards: 4 Things You Need to Know to Guarantee Their Safety

Many people focus on taking precautions by letting their dogs free-roam inside the house unattended. They train them to stay away from certain furniture and keep the wires of electronics out of their reach. This same level of meticulousness, however, often don’t apply to one part of the house where dogs are likely to spend

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Puppy Parenting 101: What You Need to Know about Obedience and Discipline

Like many Americans during this coronavirus pandemic, you’ve chosen to adopt, buy, or foster a new puppy. We can understand why. Puppies are especially irresistible with their cute little faces, small feet, and lolling tongue. You were probably drawn in by their playfulness and playful nature as well. And that uplifting mood you got when


Dog Owner Regrets and How to Deal with Each One

Owning a dog can bring one happiness like no other. The unconditional love, everlasting companionship, and wonderful health benefits are what prompted many to adopt a dog or two. But like most good things, it will all depend on how you will tackle dog ownership and how you will deal with the challenges of owning a

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Your Home Could Be Making You Sick. Here’s How.

Many of us consider our homes to be our refuge. But what many fail to recognize is that maybe, your home is the very reason why you are often tired, stressed out, and sick. After all, unhealthy house syndrome is not just a myth. We already know that a clean house is a must, not

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5 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Cat

More and more cat owners are considering spaying or neutering their cats. This is the process of safely making your cats sterile. Technically, spaying is for females and neutering is for males, but both processes can be referred to as neutering. Neutering is a good option if you’re considering the health benefits of your pets.

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What Actions to Take When Your Tree Is About to Fall

Don’t wait until your tree falls on your car, your house, or your neighbor’s yard. Learn about the signs that your tree is about to fall and what you can do about it. Even if the tree in your yard has been standing strong for thirty years now, it doesn’t mean that it can’t fall

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